Leaving For Christmas? Follow These Tips To Keep Your Home Secure

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Christmas is a time when many homes stock up on valuable gift items, and that can be tempting for intruders. If you’re planning to leave your home unattended around Christmas, now is the time to make arrangements that will keep your home safe. These tips will help ensure that your home is better protected from break ins. Break Down Boxes Before Recycling Throwing away boxes for large or expensive gifts at the holidays can be a signal to intruders and burglars that your home has goods worth taking. This can draw their attention to your...

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5 Tips To Avoid Locksmith Scams

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When you’re locked out of your house or car, this is a very stressful time. You’re so stressed, you’re prone to being pressured by a locksmith. You may even fall for a scam. It can be hard to spot these scams, especially because locksmiths in some jurisdictions are not required to be certified or licensed. Here are some tips to help you avoid a locksmith scam: 1. Look for branding. A reputable locksmith company, such as Key West Locksmiths Ltd, will have a unique name and brand. When searching through the phone book or...

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Make Sure Your Deadbolt Is Able To Do Its Job

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Locking a door knob boosts security, but a deadbolt lock is much more effective for keeping burglars and other bad guys out of your home. When deadbolts do not work properly, however, a home lacks adequate security. Noticing common problems with deadbolts and adjoining doors and frames followed by quickly fixing any flaws is necessary to keep a home safe. Ensure The Door Is Flush Over the years, a door can start to sag or become slightly loose. As a result, the door is no longer flush with the frame and the effectiveness of the deadbolt is...

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Beyond Unlocking Cars: 5 Ways A Locksmith Can Help You

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You will most likely need the services of a locksmith at some point during your life. Even people who have never locked the keys in the car may still need locksmiths. Security systems do not work perfectly, and the same security standards that can keep people’s possessions and homes safe can sometimes prevent them from even gaining access to them. Seeking the services of a locksmith is a way to solve some of the problems that can result. Other than unlocking a car, here are five ways a locksmith can help you.  1. Damaged Keys ...

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